Friday, April 29

Billie Jean, Bon Jovi and Booze!

So Anna and I went to a gig last night, an acoustic set by half of Finger Trap, one is an old friend of her's. It was a really good set, mostly there own stuff, a great cover of Billie Jean and they played Wanted and cracked up in the middle. It was a fun night. We both drank a little too much and got home about 1am. I didn't sleep realy, but that's fine, and I stink of pub this am which is not ideal, but who cares!!! And its my last day in TRO's, next week i'm back to sustainable and working for a frootloop, and playing with my friends. ;)
Awesome!!! Now i am only a phone call away from perfect bliss. Visualising frantically!!

Monday, April 18

adventurous spirit

Well, I met some of the people i've been chatting to online and it was fun, they were nice. Not at all axe murdery, well I did have some bunny boiler concerns about one that I slept with, but I think its ok. Just me being a control freak. :) non the less, I am monitoring things.
So I am forging forward into a new life, and its an exciting experiance, no strings no commitment, just myself to look after. I am giving the MMB a bit of a break while theboy and I settle the final arrangements, too conflicted at the moment, I want to share everything but there is stuff I want ot keep for myself too, stuff I don't want to share with my real world people.


Birdie is heading back to Brum today, hope she will be ok, I am off to my parents soon and the boy is gonna feed the rats so they don't starve while i'm away. Which is good.

And I have various people to flirt with on line, which is ace. :)

Thursday, April 7

you may be right, i may be crazy.

Any billy joel fans out there? I love this song!!
Well that's about it for today, I am not inspird. Soon though, soon my life will be all lined up again and I shall let my whole self out to play!

Tuesday, April 5


if you are going to play with strangers meet them in a public place. lol.
It's good advice, and really shows how the world has changed. What's the point telling anyone not to talk ot strangers, so many people have access to the net and are communicating with strangers somewhere along the way. It's not reasonable to say, "but you don't know who they really are!", it's just "ok, but meet somewhere public and if you like we'll come too".
I have gone and met a few of the MMBers now, and we've had lovely girlie coffee and shopping and general hanging, and its been great, doesn't even seem strange. if someone had said ten years ago that meeting people on line would be this normal i'd have laughed. Actually i'd have said, "internet? oh, that's the thing the science types use isn't it." 10 years and our whole social structure is changing, email was relatively uncommon in the UK at least, 10 years ago, even at Uni most people didn't have pc's, all though huge numbers were owned by the uni itself. New and shiny. :)
Just rambling.

Friday, April 1

look its me!!

Yup, I joined a profile site, rash and impulsive, yes. Having lots of fun, hell yeah! I am laying blame for this latest madness squarely on AM's shoulders, its her terrible influence. *grins* I'm also hoping to head over to one of the Notts Joinee meets, which should be fun and tonight I am heading to the pub with the gang from work. Saturday I have Vibs and coffee planned for the day and a virtual date in the evening. Really enjoying life!!