Monday, July 10


So, friday a few of us went to see the 20/20 cricket between leicester and durham at grace road on friday. We didn't actually watch much cricket. after finding a suitable bench and arming ourselves with beer we were too busy talking and laughing to watch very well, in addition i have no idea how cricket works so was bewildered. Mark grumbled it was not the "scorefest" he'd hoped for (what is this criketpalooza) and Kim joked that the guy sent off with an injury to his ummm... well, suffice to say she declared it a googley. We also managed a range of very purile jokes about no 99. Leciester won so we were pleased.
Then the boys had a quick game of scotch egg cricket, which transformed into hacky sack cricket later in the night at my place, where there was more beer.
Generally an entertaining evening.Rest of the weekend was quiet and sleepy and i failed to finish my assignment. oops.


Blogger yellowandorange said...

I love quiet and sleepy weekends.

I don't even know what cricket is.

12:23 am  
Blogger Hageltoast said...

they can be the best kind, but not so much when you have a million things to do. lol

7:59 am  

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