Tuesday, March 29

Wild Mushrooms

That's the colour, wild mushroom, its kinda beige, but very soothing and calm. Sorry, I should explain, i've been painting my living room. I have so much space and I am tryingto make it beautiful!! So it's coming along nicely, two walls finished! I have fresh flowers in the living room and kitchen and the cleaning is going really well! My life is full of clean fresh spaces. I just need to hire a carpet shampooer now! And buy a nice rug for the front room. :)
Very mundane I know, but I am finding it very exciting!
Also, went for a walk on Bradgate Park with a couple fo the girls from work yesterday, it was just the weather for it, a realy lovely bank holiday monday. :)

Thursday, March 17

The future is...

It's been a little while since I blogged here, but I wanted to update and say things are going well. I still get a little low sometimes and its strange being alone, but I am generally having a good time. I am going out more and enjoying the peace when I am in and gradually clearing the house ready for this years Palooza. :)
All told, only one thing could make it better, knwing theboy is having as good a time as I am of it would complete the picture for me.
Still, I keep telling myself its up to him to sort himself out, I can't do it for him!!
Anyway, thanks to everyone who has given me there support through all of this and just ta letcha know, i'm having a ball!!