Monday, July 24


Seriously, I am... I just realised that on Thursday I am away, which is fine except that I hounded people ruthlessly to attend a meeting on, yup, thursday. I just got laughed at by one of the attendees when she got my somewhat sheepish email.

Otherwise, the week hasn't started badly. I am very tired as the heat is still stopping me sleeping properly, but I am loving all the sunshine in the day. Mark and I had a lovely weekend, we went to Charlecote Park which is a fantastic national trust house which wonderful outbuildings and grounds. It's licensed for weddings. *looks around innocently*. We then had a pub lunch at a really lovely pub, got caught in a horrific thunder storm, were stuck in traffic for a couple of hours due to a couple of feet of standing water on the main road (sheesh, you'd think we'd be used to water) and got home in time to relax for the evening.
Sunday we went for a swim, Marks first time at the leisure centre nearby. It was lovely, really enjoyed myself.

Of course it's swimming again tonite, with Anna and Jo LV, fat club swimming. :)


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