Sunday, July 16


Me, mark, rob, graham and a few of gray's mates went to coventry yesterdayfor the godiva festival, its a free thing, run by the city council, just round the corner from where i went to junior school. In fact i used to have to do cross country runs for games through the memorial park where the festival was held. I think it's probably the first time i've been back since then, soooo, 18 years then.
Actually getting to Cov was fun and games, given its only 30mins away, less than 30 miles, we figured therre'd be a direct train service. Not only was there not a direct service, but it was running a bus replacement, so they wanted £6.50 each to take two hours, on two seperate buses, assuming everything ran on time, to do a 30 minute journey. Well stuff that. We had a swift pint at the bricklayers arms and caught the service bus, which took about 45minsn and cost £3.20.
When we got to Cov (just me mark and rob at this point) we went to the golden cross, which is a pub i used to haunt occasionally, and where i had my 18th birthday. Pleased to say it's still a rock pub and it hasn't changed a bit!!!

Afterthat we went to a wetherspoons for a cheap and cheerful pub lunch, and then jumped in a cab to the park, which turned out to be cheaper between three than the bus would have been.
We arrived in time to watch a bit of dog training and then get into the tent before the end of blackbud, who were a surprise. We'd never heard of them but they were pretty good. We met up with the others at the back of the tent at this point.

We stayed in for the Fratellis, who were excellent, plan to see them soon at the Charlotte.
After that we headed to the Cider Bar, for a drink of the splendid and potent Burrow Hill

there we met up with an old school friend of mine and her boyfriend, who stopped by to say hi. Trooper that she is, Lucie then turned out again later and ran us home in the middle of the night, stopping at mine for a cuppa before heading back to get a few hours sleep before going in to work on sunday. Yes, she is a star, no, I don't know what i do to deserve friends like these.

Finally we went in to see mercury Rev, who were pretty good. This being the end of the night there were plenty of example of how not to mix heat and booze.

Then we ambled home. It was a really fun day and always good to catch up with an old friend.


Blogger yellowandorange said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!!

5:13 pm  
Anonymous QueenieCarly said...

No kidding it sounds like a lot of fun! We don't get enough festivals around here. We managed to get to one in May, but we still travelled 6+ hours to get to it and that's the only one (of interest) this summer! **So envious**

7:55 am  
Blogger Hageltoast said...

lol, the great joy of the UK is all the festivals in england are 6hours or less away. ;)
oh, except cornwall.

10:04 am  
Anonymous QueenieCarly said...

Sigh. I dream of a life like that....

10:10 am  

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