Friday, July 14

It's friday, yay!! I have an exam this afternoon about a subject i have totally failed to understand, booo! mind you, i asked around work and i am not the only one baffled by the dread soil mechanics. If i scrape a pass i will be haqppy, if i have to resit, i will not be entirely surprised.

Tommorrow we are going to the Godiva festival in coventry which is sort of live musicy, craft fairy and free, so it should be a nice way to spend the day. have soo much to do at work, maybe i will be able to focus better when i get the exam out of the way, get a few things rolling properly.

I am sooo tired I just want to curl up and sleep and i don't think all the coffee in the world will help me, i wonder if it's the hayfever tablets, they are supposed to be non drowsy, but thats not exaclty a garrantee is it.

ok, done rambling for now. gotta go study.


Blogger yellowandorange said...

Godiva. As in chocolate???

Sounds fun even if it's not chocolate!

1:41 am  
Blogger Hageltoast said...

lady godiva who rode naked round coventry and is a historical figure. I think the chocolate gets its name from her, but i;m not sure. chocolate sounds good tho. ;)

8:33 am  

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