Wednesday, July 19

Opening up the floor

It's another scorcher today and I am thanking all sorts of false gods (couldn't resist that Jazzer) for the air con at work, my house is a furnace so i have been getting about 4 hours sleep a night all week and am shattered, but loveing the sunshiny days.

Anyway, since nothing very exciting has happened this week - i went swimming with Jo LaVey and Anna, and last night Anna came to clean (yes, i caved and hired a friend to help, she's a neat freak so its all good) so i now have a shiny clean proch, even Eryk and Yorick, my concrete and plaster skulls got a polish (altho' i thought the webs and bits of spider added authenticity).

So I thought i'd open the floor to the readership for todays post. You may remember at Roskilde I was very dissapointed to see Axl Rose suck majorly, all the fucking about, hardly any tracks, even classics like Sweet Child performed at a mediocre level. The official excuse was he was having to take oxygen, well so did Dee Snider and i've seen twisted sister twice now and Dee still blasts out the best live performance of anyone, ever!!!

Sooo, my question to you all is what long awaited and anticipated live event has been a HUGE dissapointment to you, and what has been a plesent surprise?

By live event it doesn't have to be music, just has to be something you bought a ticket for and were really looking forward to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shall pick up that gauntlet.

I can think of one event that fulfils both criteria. I live in Edinburgh (I know you know Toast, but others will not), so each year we manage to catch a couple of shows at the festival. And each year there is a one off gig in aid of amnesty international in which a dozen acts from the great & the good of the British comedy scene do a 15 min set, but it’s midweek at midnight and the line up is a secret until the curtain goes up, so whilst the cause is great – we had never managed it. Anyway – August 04 I happened to be working with a guy whose flat mate was on a committee that was something to do with amnesty and they… well suffice to say I had it on pretty good authority that Paul Merton & Ed Byrne were both in the line up. I don’t know if non brits will have a clue who these guys are – but both rock. Both were already appearing in the festival and both had sold out months before. We had got Ed Byrne tickets, but they chance for extra material – and Paul Merton none of us had ever seen live and ranks about the same as a demi god in our opinions. What’s more, the gig wasn’t sold out! So we got tickets, we got time off so we could sleep in and we went.

Turns out – Paul Merton sucks. The satirical improve he is known for is brilliant, but in alive set he strings together a bunch of poorly conceived one liners and he was the singularly worst top of the bill comedian I have ever had to endure. On to of that, second top – Ed Byrne gave us straight extracts from his act we had seen the weekend before, so whilst he is exceptionally funny and I would recommend him to anyone, it was such a disappointment to be listening to the same stuff again.

But – the rest of the acts more than made up for it. The compare was Boothby Gaffoe, a man I have not seen in anything before or since, but a man who it turns out is one of the funniest people ever. His mix of sarcasm, dry wit and intelligent observation absolutely hit the spot for me. Everyone else was also well worth seeing, but the biggest surprise was the musician. Boothby introduce a guitarist, and in a comedy show, that pretty much amounts to an interval – in fact people did start to go to the bar, but those of us that hesitated were soon glued to our seats. Anyone who has seen Antonio Forcione will no doubt testify that this man is amazing. He took an audience of at best mildly interested folk and made them beg for more. If you must define his style I suppose you could call it Spanish guitar, but as one who wouldn’t dream of going to a live gig of the stuff, I can say it isn’t that either. I cant describe him – go see him!

So despite our disappointment, it was (therefore) surprising in its brilliance!


10:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great tale of woe hun. :)

11:35 am  
Anonymous Sharon said...

Sorry Axl sucked Hun :-( That's one of the reasons I won't pay to see the new G'N'R, the fear of disappointment. They totally blew my mind back in 1993 and I couldn't bear it if they were crap!!!!

3:44 pm  

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