Tuesday, May 31

Welcome to the Daft Side

So the MMB and love and laughter boards are down.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
unbearable trauma!! It is horrible not having access to my network of lovies!!

In the mean time i am trying to get everything sorted for the weekends camping, loonstock yay!! how awesome will this be? I have never camped before, and am very nervous, but well excited! I can rough it, sure I can (no sky, no pc, eeeek).

Apparently you can lock tents? I assume this has something to do with zippers, coz otherwise its just weird. And mugs, i never thought of mugs and oh my god it's soo exciting. Hope my download ticket arrives soon tho, starting to get nervous!!

Friday, May 27

changing phases

so, last night i went for a few drinks with theboy and got my house key back. It was nice, but emotionally draining, i suppose until his life starts to really fly forward it will be that way. Of course, as we are no longer in a relationship i am not prepared to give much of my energy away, so finding a balance in the mean time is hard. Still it was nice to see him, i hope things pick up for him soon, and he does seem to be doing ok.

On the other hand we have Mark, my new man, who in spite of being sick as a dog with the lurg, which he caught off me, is coming to visit tonight, for, a couple fo days? long weekend? who knows. Anyway, i am totally over excited about having hotness around the house for a few days, its gonna be wonderful!!! I love this bit, the start of a new relationship, its always sooo exciting!!!

Wednesday, May 25

Marvellous May!!

so Piers, my brother, came up at the weekend to clear the garden and give me something to work with, it was a jungle, and there wqas a severe danger of being eaten alive by ants in there!!
So he was due to come up thursday evening, he finally arrived at 2:30am on friday. YIKES!!! I had to wait up for him. No wonder really that since then my cold has won and i am really feeling quite poorly.
Still we got loads done and on saturday a few people came round to bbq, it was lovely. A few people included Mark, who came from a little further up north to meet me while my bro and friends where there. He even ended up having to meet mum who hadnt left when expected. He took it all in his stride and we had a wonderful weekend. Erm...I think he's my boyfriend *grins*, it certainly has that feel to it. Will have more idea after this weekend. He's coming down again. :)
I am very happy inspite of illness!