Thursday, June 30

Movie Night

Well normally on a weds Anna and I head out to the pics and do the whole orange wednesday thing, one person gets the tickets the other gets the icecream and we go see a film. We have been having loads of fun with it and have loads more films we want to see this summer, but this week we did something else.
Anna went for a drink with a mate and I had Munky down for the first time mid week, and it was ace!! It was lovely just to curl up and watch DVD's with him and then crash out on a normal working day. It was bliss to wake up with him, even if it was 5am. I just really enjoy having him around, my bed felt so much more comfortable last night than it normally does.
When I first split up with L bed suddenly became mine again in a way i'd forgotten it could be. I enjoyed just lying in it, any time of day, because I could, undisturbed. The novelty wore off and it again became a place for sleep rather than a nest. I am starting to feel nesty about it again. :)
I will drop into Anna on the way home tonite as i neglected her yesterday, but i still have to get home and finish sortingout stuff for the palooza on friday.

Tuesday, June 28

Beer and Books

OMG what a wonderful weekend!!!
My lovely, fabulous man took me away for a romantic weekend, it was bliss! We drove down to hay on wye and booked into the cutest little tudor B&B, where the door to our room was only 4' high, I kid you not. We spent three days enjoyingt he setting, looking in book shops and drinking and eating and generally having a fabulous time!!! It was blissful and I am sooo happy. I feel totally spoilt and it definately brings out my better side. ;)

So with things going so well in my private life, and getting on my course etc, so things are going very well in my professional life, generally I couldnt be happier, I could be a lot less tired, but not happier. :)

On a note of pure gossip, My parents met my brothers girlfriend at the weekend, and she has ben officially approved as nice people and a good thing for Piers! Yay!!!

Friday, June 24

Nearly Time!!!

Munky could arrive anytime between now and 10pm basically, i can't wait to see him!! hope its sonner rather than later! Then tommorrow mornng we head off on our romanticbreak, first time the 2 of us have spent real quality time alone. I am very excited!!!

Thursday, June 23

A little bit batty!!

Watched the new batman movie last night with anna. It was awesome. Loved it!!! Might even be one to buy!! It was dark and atmospheric and generally just ace (oh and lots of eye candy for us girls).

Today Munky is coming to mine for the nigt, then in the morning we take off for wales, i am totally hyped!!!!
Does life get any better than this?

Wednesday, June 22

Hello Bridget!

I am waaay over excited at the moment, except that suggests i shouldnt be, and i so should!! So maybe i am just he right amount of excited?
Anyway, Munkey is taking me on a Bridget Jones style romantic mini break this weekend. We are going to beautiful Hay on Wye in Wales, its a very pretty town, with a castle, and 30, count them 30 bookshops. This place is famous for books, and combined with a beautiful setting, i may never come back!!! :)
We are staying in a darling little Tudor B&B in the centre of town, called, and get this "rest for the tired" i mean how cute is that!!!!!I am really looking forward to getting away from it all with my man, its going to be wonederful!!!
In the mean time i have a bit more work to get through. :( I dan barely sit still!! and when i do i fal asleep i am sooo tired!

Monday, June 20

Happy mondays?

Well, it was another great weekend. Munkey came down friday, a little late due to car problems, so we just chilled and stuff. Saturday was a good day of housework for me and mowing and Pc repair for Munkey (he really is the best to help!!!) and lunch at pizza hut, which was lovely, even tho i made us play musical tables until we were a safe distance from small children. Then Saturday evening we went over to a friends house to babysit for the night, the two kids are pretty sweet, and big Dr Who fans which kept them occupied pretty much from when there parents headed out till nearly bed time. I dont think i watched Dr Who when I was five, i was too much of a fraidy cat.
The only slightly worrying thing is i couldnt lock the front door and one of the kids sleepwalks, so i was pretty restless until about 1am when the parents came home. And Munkey was too long for the fold out bed so he was all crooked bless him.
Then sunday was home, breakfast at Borders Books, (YAY!!! one of my fave places on earth) and chilling out watching telly. Sadly Munkey had to go home, coz he has to work for a living and stuff. :( But Jo & Matt dropped in with their kids, which was nice, they are back next sunday for the night. :) Which means Jo and i get our first proper chat since i went out to her in Holland last May 2004.

Friday, June 17

Who am i really?

Apologies in advance folks, i have had a sudden attack of philosophy.
I am sitting at work (oops) thinking about who i am. I have had my inner metalhead revived by the weekend at download and with it the inevitable goth leanings, which all told leads to unneccesary introspection.
I'm tired, I am wearing my rose ring that takes me back to uni, my plastic UV bangles which take me back to download and my bra straps show, just like they always do. lol.
I know my own mind well enough. Faced wih a decision I rarely struggle to choose swiftly and decisively, but faced with the more general, what do I want, who am I? Where do I fit? I am lost again.
I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a lover, and ex, a fling, a memory, a half remembered incident, a significant change, a colleague, a rat mum, an enemy perhaps? Am I am smell, a taste, a sound to some people? Am I missed and wanted? To many I am text on a screen, or snail mail from a virtual being.
I am a path never pursued to at least one person, and a path that never should have been to at least one person.
i am a cousin and a niece, I am a near stranger related by marraige. I am a good granddaughter.
Who are you?

Blue Ribbon

there is a chaim email going round at the moment reminding people they matter. Its nice, i dont really like these things, but it served as a needed reminder. I forwarded it to a couple of good friends, but I qualified it first. I got it back this morning, from Jo (yo) my dutch flatmate from uni. I love that girl. She also qualified it.

here is what she said:

"like the person who sent this to me, I didn't want to just forward this
without qualifying why I wanted to send it to you guys.
There are a whole number of things that makes each of you individually very
important in my life. You persuade me to drop everything to go driving to
England with you while highly pregnant and everything is as it always used to
be. You call me up when I pick up the phone to dial your number. You feed me
veggie finger sandwiches, just when I need them the most. Or brownies,
smoothies, hash browns or Belgian chocolates. Or gravy. You look after me when
people get scary, leave twenties on my pillow to freak me out or toast to calm
me down and you talk for hours to get me to come out from under the table. You
were my friend when everybody else was angry with me, because you feel friends
don’t judge. You help me out again and again when I’m drowning. You’re
daft enough to live with me after you’ve gotten to know me. You take over
the burden of my household and put up with my husband, my children and me at
my worst. Twice.
You also have some things in common. The first thing that springs to mind is
that you’re all much better friends than I deserve. When I told you I was
getting married you ordered credit cards, booked planes and immediately
offered any help you could give. Some of you made me cry by being there and
some of you by not being able to get there on time but you all made that day
special in your own way. I know that even with seas, oceans and continents
between us, you would drop everything to come to my aid if I said I needed
you, and I would do the same for you. Sometimes we don’t talk for months or
even years but when we get back in touch it’s like we were never apart.
Sometimes all I want to do is get on a plane and get out of here and sod the
rest of the world. And then I think of some or all of you. Just knowing that
you are there and just a phone call away makes life here so much easier to
bear. Even when we haven’t talked for much too long and I am too useless to
call. I hope to speak with each of you before the month is over, because you
do make a difference and it’s time I told you that."

I recognised me in some of those statements, veggie finger sandwiches are my speciality. ;)
I love that girl. A lot!

Wank for Peace

no really, do!
lol. So right, there is this craze over here for charity wrist band, crappy bits of coloured rubber with stuff etched in them. Well at Download we discovered that, have got some starts to do them, like Ozzy, Slash and HIM. And wouldn't ya know it, ozzys is black and says, Wank for Peace. I love that man. This years must have fashion accessory? I think so!!

In other news, Munky comes down again today, yay!!! colour me happy!
Kerrang slated The Others - fools, they are a great band!

Oh and I got onto my course. I am gonna spend the next few years learning to be a traffic engineeer at Nottingham Trent, courtesy of my fine employers.

My feet stink

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Thursday, June 16

impending doom

me n my Munky have so much in common, we are the same fraggle. lol.

gobo fraggle
You are Gobo Fraggle.

Which Fraggle Rock Character Are You?
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Sin City

Went to see it last nighjt. Ultra grisly, really excellent, would recommend but not for the squeamish. Goddammit friday hurry up and get here!! I want to see my fella!! I am so restless now in the week coz i can't see my hunny on weeknights, its too far for either of us to get to work in the morning from the others. Grrr. Probably just as well or i'd never see anyone else, but still....

Weekend is nearly here tho.

Listening to: Funeral for a friend, Him, My chemical Romance, The Others

Feeling: Tired, hyped, happy.

Want: more coffee

Munky make Mayhem

he's got me hooked on quizzes

You're a Pint of Guinness!

What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
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Tuesday, June 14


OMG!!! I had the most awesome weekend. I headed off to Donington Thrusday night with My lovely fella, and a load of mates. We pitched our tents then went for a few beers and generally had a nice evening. Friday morning we got up and started our three days of solid metal. Highlights would have to be, Billy Idol - not even nearly over the hill, much to my surprise, more like at the bottom of the hill havign a few beers! He was awesome, and played all the classics.
Sabbath - well no shcok there, they were fantastic, a real fan set too with Fairies wear boots and the wizard. Him - i love these guys, so no great shock i enjoyed the set. Fozzy - Chris Jericho has a band? Who knew? Well they were good old fashioned metal, nothing new, but excellent!!! System of a Down, never really got into them before, but they blew me away!!! And Therapy of course put on a crackingshow as always.
All told I was a tierd happy bunny!!!
We ended up heading home sunday night which was just as well because if we had come back monday i'd have been dead on my feet tues, and i'm not much better than that as it is!!
So, rock on Donington, see you next year. :)

Monday, June 6


Well, it was a wild and chilly weekend in Wales, so there was a sad lack of flailing (which is a natural result of a sunny day spent drinking) and i didn't brave the plunge pool at the bottom of the waterfall, although took great pleasure in watching other peoples faces as they did. :)
Tray Jousting started an hour late but was immensly entertaining, next year I am entering!!! Sunday morning was the best weather we had and breakfast was pleasent.
I can neither do justice to the oddness of the weekend or how tired I am, or the awesome exploding power of the pineapple. :P