Monday, February 27

beautiful moments

I took these photos from the bedroom window a few days ago, it didn't last long but it was lovely!! My Garden with a gentle smattering of snow. The moon still out and peeping from behindthe clouds, a beautiful winter morning.

Thursday, February 23


It's been 12months now since i started blogging. Time to take stock.
I was recently single (like a week) after a 3 year relationship.
I didn't get out much, even by a hermits standards.
Since then:
i met Mark
I went on my first ever camping trip, and several more.
I went to my first ever music festival.
i went to Germany and Edinburgh and Wales
I made a lot of new friends
I got the jobi really wanted
I started an evening class
I started a distance learning course, and completed 2 modules
I started to rediscover my love for cooking
I started to stretch the limits of my comfort zone and step right outside it sometimes
i started towalk to work. Faultering a bit at the moment but have ou seen that weather?

It's been a pretty good year. A few things left to achieve but all told a pretty good year. :)

Tuesday, February 21

Evil Email

Nyaaargh!!! I have had two days off work (not including the weekend) and come back to email being down, so I can't check my diary either. I was late for a meeting today because, in part, sort of, i couldn't access my calender on groupwise to check the start time, had to guess, and i haven't had any of my emails. I have managed to maintain a little contact with the outside world through my online email accounts, but sheesh folks this is driving me nuts!!!
Oh in happier news, Peace and Love is up and running, the festival websit set up by a couple of our perennial festivallers and contributed to by our little ole selves (or at least in my case it will be eventually).
Go see for yourselves. they take comments and reviews from all comers.

Sunday, February 19

gardeners time

Mak has really taken on the garden. He gave the grass it's first cut on friday and yesterday he andhisbrother tackled what turned out to be a pre existing corner bed near the house, they ripped out dead stuff, dug it over and planted some lovely things to brighten it up a bit, couple of foxgloves, rosemary,lavender, heather, some pansies and things for colour, and a jasmine,because I just adore Jasmine. I couldn't believe the work they have done, and can't wait for things to start blooming.
I am soooo pleased to have their help!!

The boys Working

The bed

The Garden as a whole

Friday, February 17

Friday recommendation

it's been a few weeks since i did this as i have not been around the last couple of fridays.
This week I recommend Records, i know, i'm biased I just got a new record deck after a few years without, but nothing quite matches the ritual of playing vinyl. Mauybe that's why they didn't die out inspite of popular forcasts when the CDwas introduced. The tape was conveniant and no one cares much for them anymore, CD's are jsutas easy and much better quality, but vinyl, it's a ritual,for some itsan obsession, it's like books. No matter how much information is available online some people (and i am one of them) do not believe anything will ever completely replace the book, for the sheer joy of holding it, stuffing it in your handbag and watching the pages yellow and dog ear over time and many reads.
Maybe I should expand it then, to the undiluted pleasure of books and vinyl and the way they defy even the most technologically inclined people.

Thursday, February 16

i feel a bad moon rising, i feel trouble on the way.

I love credence clearwater revival, click the tital for a ink.
I am sooo bummed today, don't know why, have been a bit emotional all week and today I just feel sooooo bleugh!
I want to curl up under my duvet till I am restored to my usual self. In the meantime I plod through work enjoying moments of brightness and otherwise greyness. Perhaps i should buy a brightly coloured top today to bring a little light in to my life. I don't have anything blue really, so that would be a start. Regardless, I shall wander at lunch time, maybe a lush bath bomb, maybe a top, maybe maybe maybe...who knows.
Ach, sorry, i'm droning, ignore me. All is well with my world and i do not understand this lowness, I think maybe its all because i am a little off colour. and so we come back to a top. ;)

Wednesday, February 15

you spin me right round baby right round

heehee, i got my pressie!! I am over the moon, it was a record deck!! I have wanted one for ages. I dropped into Rockaboom at lunch and bought the Glitterati album on Vinyl. What a buzz, it's been 10 years or more since i bought new vinyl. Yay!!! Loving it. Then people caught up with me and i had to cough up for some tickets and stuff. Ah well, at least i know there is fun to be had, all bought and paid for. :)

Tuesday, February 14

feels just like i'm falling for the first time, anyone perfect must be lying

Could i be more tired? I didn't sleep well again, altho that might have something ot do with the volume of coffee and the enourmous energy drink i had last night.
I am really having trouble concentrating, i need something mindless like stuffing envelopes to do now please.

At lunch time i bought Olive magazine, its a food mag from the BBC, Clotilde who's blog i read (Chocolate and Zucchinni) has an article in it, which is very cool indeed.
I also got my ring finger sized, which was a buzz. P by the way. :)

Today is St Valentines Day. There are various legends bout old St Val, but as far as i can tell he was a priest who was executed for marrying a pair of lovers in secret.

If you want to know more you can google it. Well in honour of his death people buy cards and presents and demonstrate their love for each other. I bought Mark a Raymond Charman print which I had framed and it is now hanging proudly on the chimney breast. The title should link to Ray's website.
I get my pressie tonite. Yay!! I love pressies.

Monday, February 13

take your hat off boy when you're talking to me, and be there when i feed the tree

It's been a stragne old weekend. We headed down to Devon to bury my Dad's father, my dad being technically my stepdad, but all i've ever really known, and a top Dad. His father Chris has been a fixture most of my life and i was fond of him, but after illness and dementure it was not a sudden death.
Anyway, the funeral was fine, it was a nice service, simple and short and the family all showed up which was good.
After that, it was really quite a fun visit, i got to hang out with my siblings and their partners, talk through ome stuff with my parents and generally just get away for a couple of days. Brought back some fresh pheasants for a friend.
On saturday I dug out some photos my parents had from their wedding, when i was about 17, and my sisters wedding, nearly 6years ago, when i was a mere 22.

Me and Piers

me again

Elissas wedding

Tuesday, February 7

Consult the Contrivium

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Toast!
1)The Australian billygoat plum contains a hundred times more Vitamin C than Toast.
2)If you cut Toast in half and count the number of seeds inside, you will know how many children you are going to have!
3)Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day, two hours more than Toast.
4)Over half of Americans are officially Toast.
5)Toast can remain conscious for fifteen to twenty seconds after being decapitated.
6)The first American zoo was built in 1794, and contained only Toast.
7)The difference between Toast and a village is that Toast does not have a church.
8)Only twelve people have ever set foot on Toast!
9)A thimbleful of Toast would weigh over 100 million tons.
10)Wearing headphones for an hour will increase the amount of Toast in your ear 700 times.

Gotta agree with 3
Please can we not try 3 & 5

Monday, February 6


there seem to have been a lot of cute furry
animal stories lately, even richard hamonds
5 o clock show gave in and had giant bunnies on it.

I thought it was time to share our bunnies.
Eric lazes in the back room while Esme
camoflages against the ugly living room carpet.

Sunday, February 5


Well it's Sunday morning and shortly i am heading to borders and then to BHS and stuff. Mark and i enjoyed a long lazy waking up process and whilehe is in the bath I have jumped on the PC for a bit.
i have been tired all weekend,but I suppose that's to be expected, and my new study pack, for the next module, came through yesterday. Looks heavy on the maths, eeeek. Passed my first assignment for the last module tho, which has to be a good thing right?

Friday, February 3

of all the jumped up snotty self important and downright rude little

Rant deleted as it served it's purpose now. :)

Thursday, February 2

Some people need a slap!

I get to work this am and there is a very high handed email from a colleague (not my boss) suggesting i might wabnt to consider doingt he following schemes in the next financial year....
ok, like i don't have enough to do? And what will you be doing while i do everything? And erm.. ACTUALLY!!! I am already negotiating with the team that normally do accident stuff to control one of the ones you suggested, so f off!!!
Grrrr, snarrrl. It's the tone that pissed me off.

Wednesday, February 1


My Dad's father died yesterday. It sounds weird saying it like that, but you wouldn't know who Chris is and although my Dad is my Dad (he is my stepfather but since i was only 18months..) his family are HIS not mine. I am very fond of his parents, they are lovely people, but they are not my Grandparents, I only have one of those left.The death is not unexpected, he has been in full time mental health care for some time now and he was physically and mentally deteriorating very fast, it was very distressing for Dad to see his father like that. In the end he was so doped up he didn't know where he was, which is just aswell because in his more coherant moments he knew just enuff to get himself upset but not enough to understand. I will be at the funeral, Dad wants us there. I don't really know why I am sharing this, it's not sudden, we knew it was coming, I am sorry butnot terrribly sad, i just think at least dad wont have to worry and get upset. It did lead to a lot of reminising last night about child hood. I remember first meeting Chris and Edna, I must have been about 10yrs old, and saying very solemnly "hello mr & mrs Wearing". Tehy told me they were Chris and Edna. They have real grandchildren who call them Nan and Pops, but they are always C&E to us.
I'm rambling. Well at least now its out.