Wednesday, March 29

messing about with blogthings

Bolsover Castle

Saturday Mark took me toBolsover castle,nearwhere his parents live. We had the only few hours sun for weeks walking around and it was lovely!!!
any way, here
s a few pics.

Tuesday, March 28


You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut

A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.
On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.
You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.
Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

Ginger and the sonic circus

Last night we went to the Recue Rooms in Nottingham to watch Ginger (Wildhearts)and his latest project. Awesome. Very odd gig really, we missed the first support, which from reading reviews is a shame, but such is life. The songs were an odd mix of very Wildheatsy stuff and really random tracks, including one that could almost have been the Pogues. The Sonic Circus itself was an odd mix, a saxaphone lent a little bit of Ska to the sound at times, and on lead guitar was Connie Bloom (sp?) who i last saw is Scarborough playing for Hanoi Rocks, they also boasted a rythm guitarist of Wolfsbane fame, a girl who did a little rap during one of the tracks and another girl on backing vocals and tambourine.
I like this!! The Wildhearts have apparently split and if they never reform then I shall be content with Ginger and the Sonic Circus.

I posted a couple of photos here

Monday, March 27

Just PMS?

I'm normally a little snippy and emotional before, but this month, I feel properly broken.
Disconnected, headachey and liable to burst into tear or punch someone in the face (50/50) at any moment. My limbs feel like iron and I haven't had a decent nights sleep in a week, funny how quickly that affects everything. I feel flushed and sooo low.
I'll be ok in a bit i expect, but right now.....

Friday, March 24

Study Leave

I took today off as study leave. Work are putting me through some education and the upside, apart from enoying the courses, is I get time off to study. That's what today is, a day for studying. Jo immediately said, "so skiving then". Well yes, a lot. I did some studying this morning, I shall do some more this afternoon, but really, i've been in a funk and needed some mental health space to find my balance again. I don't have as much time to breathe as i used to,and breathing is so very improtant. Not just in an in out move oxygen about kind ofway, but in a timeout from life to relax and take stock way. I have become more and more agitated, unable tositstill, my desk at work is spotless but the house is a tip. My priorities are skewed, I am not balanced. Normally I manitain a lightly chaotic balance, the house is untidy, but an hour would see it fit for visitors, at least ones who know me and don't mind the furries, my desk is a little busy, but I can find everything. Lately i got to where I couldn't find anything even if i'd only just put it down at work, I just kept feeling like i wanted to burst into tears, same thing at home, Iwas restless, irratable, notgood.
So today, today was about doing some equatins to reassure myself I could and stopping fora while, slumping in front of the tv with a coffee, doing a few dishes and not having to inorder to cook supper, finally posting that post about cafe italiano n the food blog. Having a bath in the middle of the afternoonand thinking about what i want to get done, then narrowing it down to a couple of things i can get done easily.
I'm not sure it solved everything, but a day away from normal has definately helped. Now M is home, I shall get dressed, we shall do the shopping, I will maybe get some laundry done, and between loads I will sit and enjoy being with him, instead of flitting around all flustered.

Tuesday, March 21

out of my depth

Odd day yesterday. Walked to work, had a meeting i'd forgotten about in the morning where I said, umm a lot, but came out of it, slightly sheepish and very fired up. Met Marie for lunch, yay! quiet afternoon, went home. Walked to Anna's, hung out for a while, went swimming with Anna. I haven't been swimming in about 3 years, I am a poor swimmer, my only stroke is a front flail, bit like crawl, but less slick, did 18 laps, considerably more than i used to, was home just before 10pm, watched americas next top model, went to bed. Slept badly.
Got up late this morning but feeling energised. Flagging a bit now, roll on lunchtime.
I feel a little disconnected at the moment, not sure why, not even sure what from. Hmmm. Need to shake it off and get back to the world. Loads to do at home tonite too, including update the food blog with pics from Cafe Italiano.

Monday, March 20


nope, not a new hobby. We had a good weekend. Saturday I showed Mark round Leicester, would you believe we have been seeing each other ten months and he has never been into town. Well I took him to some of my favourite places and then we met went to the Globe pub at about 5ish. At 7 the others started to turn up and just before 8 we all headed to the theatre to see Trainspotting. It wasn't bad, I have seen a better version, but it was enjoyable and generally a good time was had. We came out at 10:30 and headed to Tim's for a bonfire. It was just a wonderful mellow kind of time. We got home around 1am sunday morning having left everyone else to it. Didnt ask what time everyone else went home. ;)

Sunday we had a long lie in, did the shopping and then Dave came for supper, it's always fun to see Dave.

Good stuff.

Thursday, March 16

My Space

Well, with so many people being on my space it made sense to sign up just in order to be able to view frends blogs, so that's what i've done.
I also have an eblogger coming soon to follow my reading habits.
Right, well, now you know.

I am also deluded. :)

You Were a Cougar

You are a great leader who has dominance without ego.
You are wickedly cunning and off the scale confident.

Wednesday, March 15

Musing and muesli

Well, I made a choice, seriously, I keep saying it, but I am hoping and trusting that this time is different, lose weight, enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I walked to work, that in itself is nothing new but I had coffee before i went, take getting up and out the door a little slower, and caffiene is supposed to be good before excercise, i can't remember why, but it was. Then Muesli for brekfast, a nice one, with raspberries but no nuts in. :)
We shall see how the day develops. I shall not bore you with every detail of my progress (or potentially lack of) but will try to check in every wednesday to report, for my benefit really. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 13

Wonder Woman

Well we already knew i was a geek. On saturday in sainsbury's i saw this 10" fig fromthe justice league cartoons going for a mere £4. She is now perched next tomy computer.
And that beautiful blue bowl inn the background is one of my brothers creations.

monday comes crashing in, and faces on the train look grim, when yeasterday, the same were smiling!

I am off sick today. My throat hurts so badly ican barely swallow, my head is a little fuzzy and all weekend my lower back has been causing me pain. I assume it is just a bug of some description. We decidednot to go and see Sour Mash on saturday as the late night, smokey environment and sleeping on the floor were not likely to help matters, but we did go to Kedlestone Hall. It's in Derbyshire, only 45mins away from home and we went, had coffee ambled around for an hour and came home, where upon i collapsed onto the couch and didn't move much till bed time.
Anyway, Kedlestone is very ornate and the most complete example of Adam styling in the country, it's beautiful in an overdone kindof way, but they wouldn't let us take photos inside. I did take a couple outside to share with you tho.
The Church on the grounds. To build the hall they demolished the whole village and rebuilt it to one side of the grounds, the church is all that remains of the village prior to kedlestone hall.

And just for the skull and crossbones crew (you know who you are)


Gutted, I am actually very slightly less evil than Carly. Hmm, I need to go out and kick some puppies. ;)

You Are 64% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

Friday, March 10

when oh when will it be spring!!!

I have a sore throat. grumble grumble, actually eveything is sore and i seem to have bruised one of my fingers so that's hurting too. I am sick to death of cold wet misery, I want sunshine!!!! I want warm breezes, I want picnincs on blankets and Easter Camping trips and to not have a sore throat. For gods sake there has been frost again earlier this week, frost, in March!! WTF!!!
To top it all off I was working on my asssignment last night, how many equations can one person honestly be expected to do, I am not enamoured with economic analysis. So generally another day of Humph!

Wednesday, March 8


that's how i feel, distinctly iffy. Been feeling off colour since the end of last week. My body aches, my ambient tempreture seems erratic and i feel kind out of it. In addition my head and throat feel bad, but not properly poorly. I just feel all in all Bleaugh. The result of this of course is that i am pretty much useless a lot of the time, and i feel a bit low. :(
I guess i shall keep plodding on and taking my vitamins and hope for the best. humph.

Monday, March 6

Could I be a bigger geek?

Examine my view as i sit at my computer and consider that problem.

yes those are action figures, wrestling to be accurate, except on thefar right by the monitor,that's bluntman, from Jay and SilentBob. My comic/sci fi action figs are on the shelf behind me. Sheesh. Oh and what you can't quite see is the yellow foam car an dthe orange traffic cone i got from a traffic exhibition, in work time if that helps. And my mousmat is South Park.

Ok from top going left to right we have, Angelina jolie, Al Snow (wrestler) big frame with friends, family, pets and erm, wrestlers, a poem and art from Tudor Rose and Ville Valo of HIM.

On the wall behind the PC is another pic of Ville and a notice board with a still and a number of postcards from The Crow as well as other bits and pieces of that type, on the shelves behind me issome computer stuff, someaction figs andahem, my small collectionof comic books.
Beyond that this little room contains all my CDs and Marks out of date currently not functional PC and the PS1. No, not the playstation, the actual IBM mini home computer, it's about 100yrs old and still has Silpheed (the original arcade game) on it. lol. There are also a couple more wrestling picsaround the room, and my Teenage mutant ninja turtles toy bin from when i was 10yrs old. It has things like a couple of old he-man toys in it.

See, lots of TheCrow.

Monday Blues

i am a bit low this am. It's lack of Mark i think that I am suffering from, and such a busy weekend ahead. Yikes!!

Anyway, Friday I took a day off, ambled to Borders, spent an hour with a book and a coffe then bought yup, more books, did a food shop and walked home with it all. It weighed a tonne and it's about a mile walk.
Mark came over about 2 and we chilled, ate, drank and had a wonderful evening.
Then saturday we headed to his parents to take his brothers to the wrestling with us.

Check out the pics

It wasn't as good as the last couple of shows but we had a good time.

Sunday we got home about lunch time and had a little time to clean before Dave came over. We twisted his arm and he stayed for supper.

All in all a really good weekend, and now it's mondaym, I am back at work and Mark is back in Sheffield and it sucks, because I won't see him until Thursday. :(

Thursday, March 2

all workno play

ok that's not strictly true, but it has been a busy week at work, and having finally put a whole heap of stuff to bed (thanks Balal for all the help you're a trooper) I am taking tommorrow as study leave to catch up on Deli time and school work.

I may also givein to the burningneed towander down to borders and enjoy their hospitality and blow all my money on books. yay for fridays off!!!

I called Colleen the toher day, it was so good to hear her, I left it way too long!!! Truly.