Friday, December 30

I'm back -briefly

Well we got back last night and after a bit of tidying up, sorting out various furries and starting to unpack I was too tired to care about what happenedonlinewhile I was away. This morningI have grabbed a few minutes before Mark gets up, just to say we had a wonderfull time and are now off to his family for two nights. Returning on Sunday.
Monday or Tuesday I shall upload pictures and tell you all about it properly, in themean time, all the traffic noise and street lights are a little annoying after a week in blissfull isolation, with a sky full of stars and the only noise my own snoring.
See you all in the new year!!

Thursday, December 22

i'm just searching through the wreckage of all my twisted dreams

Well, i'm all packed and ready to load up and go!! I am really looking forward to getting to Devon, it's so beautiful there. I should mention, it will leave me without internet for a week, my parents are a bit pre historic, it's because they are so isolated. Oh, i must do an emergancy phone list for my furry sitters. and print off the directions in case Mark forgets.
I'm happy!!!!!
I'm excited. Buzzing even. :)

I don't think i slept too well, i woke up on Marks side of the bed, which is unusual for me, very disorienting.still, all good now.

Wednesday, December 21

you and me always, and forever

Image hosted by
I love this pic, it's from our visit to Birdie on Saturday.

be on my side i'll be on your side, there is no reason for you to hide

the great blog hunt goes on. in the meantime the other one is worth a visit if only for the photos i uploaded.
At any rate I have finished my christmas preperations now and feel good for it, just have to finish packing and it's off to Devon for me on thursday night or friday morning.
My sister phoned me last night, it must be 4years since that last happened. She had to say who it was. lol. It was lovely to chat tho, just about christmas plans and what mark might like and stuff, but it was really cool. Don't get me wrong, I have a close family, it's just that we have our own lives, so we tend not to have much to talk about and we reckon that needing to talk regularly when there is nothing to say is at the root of a lot of small squabbles in families and if people just got on with their own lives they'd get on better. So that's what we do and we get on great and support each other when we need it. All good. Anyway, I am really excited now, but no where near as excited as Mum. heehee

Tuesday, December 20


Ok so there is a fundamental problem with my new blog home on angelfire, it takes up valuable disk space on my account, of which there is little. I guess the answer is to upgrade this one and live with the akwardness. I have created several other accounts that have not been up to par, so here i am back again, and a little humbled i guess. ;)

Tuesday, December 13

New home.

I have found a new blog i am presently happy with.
Please visit me at
if you have any problems let me know here, i shall still check for comments. :)

Blog things

I have been looking at other blogs and feeling that mine is kinda bland. Sadly i don't know enough html to alter it enough.
Anyway, i am continuing to search for the perfect blog for me. let you know if i find it and move. In the mean time, the web is littered with accounts i haven't figured out how to delete. lol

Monday, December 12

Christmas excess, the morning after.

Graham as Santa

At lunch time the group from work, or most of us anyway, pootled down to Bistro Pierre, for the first of my christmas do's for the day. The food was exquisite, i went easy on the wine, i did not get gravy down my top and i avoided sitting next to anyone who bores me. :)
It was a fun lunch, we even tried not to talk too much shop.
I then headed back to the office for an hour, before hopping on a train to Sheffield. From sheffield station i got a cab to the Holiday Inn, which is a beautiful old building, i should have taken photos of it, the architecture is lovely. The room was, well, roomy, and the shower was excellent. I changed into a dress (hey, it happens) and boots, and we headed down to the residents bar.
It was a huge room, and ewen engineering had three tables, and a tonne of wine. Mark's dad couldn't make it coz he was poorly which is a shame, but other wise it was all excellent. The people we sat with were lovely and i had a fabulous time, got very drunk, but not tooo out of control, and the food, was nice.
We finally headed up to bed at 2am ish, chatted for a while and passed out.
Saturday morning my conversation skills consisted of, "leave me alone my head hurts", "i'm dying", and "coffee, bring me coffee and lard". :)
A large cooked breakfast, juice and coffee late i was almost human and we visited Marks fam.
We got home saturday afternoon and dissapeared to the bedroom where we watched movies and slept. Emerging late sunday morning to get ready and head off with Tammy to a chinese in town where we were meeting Q69 and some friends for lunch. :)
A lovely if tiring weekend. Now i want to sleep.

Ok, so for those of you who wanted more pictures the last couple of weekends are visible are at:

Friday, December 9

Christmas excess or excess christmas?

oh dear god, what a day i have ahead, I am all sparkly this morning at work because we have our "side of the office" christmas do today, three delicious courses, which i need to scarf down in two hours flat, along with minimal wine, before dashing off to catch a train to sheffield, shower, put a dress on (i had to buy one, its not somthing i own a lot of. three now i think) and head down for a second christmas party with Marks work crowd. Yowser. I am skipping breakfast. lol.
Will post piccies soon i hope.

Wednesday, December 7

so, you think you can tell, heaven from hell

wow, how tired am i!!! I have class tonite and am topping up the caffeine with lucozade. Sheesh. We put christmas decoration up at work today, and my little black tree donated its hot pink star to the team tree, so it's branches are empty again. poor thing.
When i get home tonite, i shall grab a beer and curl up in bed with a dvd i think. :)

when i was a child i caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye,

when i was a child i thought maybe i believed in god, i certainly believed in monsters under my bed, i used to take a running leap to get into it. I believed that the banging on the radiators that sounded like something trying to hold a tune with bones on a radiator was in fact just that. I believed in ghosts and ghouls and wonderland. I think God was the first to go, swiftly followed by Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, finally even the easter bunny, i learnt what hallucination meant and so my imaginary companions of childhood have become hallucinations.
Now what is left to believe in?
I believe in the benevolent universe, you might call it god, or allah, or ganesh.
I believe in being myself as much as i can.
I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
I believe in Mark & my love.
I believe in unicorns (not literally, but in all the things that make life magical.

Tuesday, December 6

an opeth to heavy metal

This weeks Toasty Top Tip is coming 3 days early, coz i am soo damn excited about this band!!
If Dream Theatre and Cradle of Filth got together and spawned a progeny, it would dream of sounding like this! Technical, gravelly, melodic, brilliant. Get out there and find them!!!!

Seriously metal fans, it'sd a long time since i've heard something of such inarguable quality on the metal scene.

he ain't heavy..he's my brother

or near as dammit anyway.
Hurry up and get well Phil!!

the guys in stratford
Mark n Phil

in the pen and parchment

In the pub -

breakfast at 12:30?

and there's just one thing that man will sing about throughout the world, one life, one love, one girl.

Me n Mark in Stratford
Dec 2005

Me and Mark

and if i stand on top of the world, then maybe i'll find somebody i know, and if i don't..laughing is all that i can do

Well, James just headed back to his meeting from my office where we had a morning coffee. Hope he doesn't miss all the pastries. lol.
It was lovely to see him, a bit of reminiscing and always a laugh, life is good. :)
I hope he doesn't leave it so long otherwise. In fact, James, if you leave it too long i shall post that pic of you and Vibs in the park outside school int he 6th Form, you know the one i mean. ;)

Monday, December 5

you dream what i'm dreaming, you see what i'm seeing, loves a shadow on the wall with the face of god

okies, soooo tonite I have an old school friend visiting. We weren't always friends, in fact for a long time we had little more than a mutual tolerance, but int he last couple of years of school and unlikely alliance formed between me, Vibs and Delaney. Even stranger is that I have kept in touch with both. I am glad, they were good friends and we had fun. I have pictures to prove it. :)
Anyway, Delaney is coming over for the night, and i am looking forward to reminiscing and catching up (it's been a while). Just a shame its a school night so we can't stay up too late.

you know i would do anything, anything you say

Listening to the new Darkness album, it's all good. Had a lovely weekend too, Mark and Phil and I went to Stratford for the day, a little wander, then coffee, then another wander, then tea and so it went. We stopped at TGI Fridays for supper on the way back, which was cool, but expensive for what it was, and sadly not as i remmber it (although I was last there 10 yrs ago). I got thrashed ion a couple of xbox games and we watched a couple of was fun just chilling.
Sunday morning I breakfasted at Borders with the boys as usual.
Munky has been a little out of sorts, i think he feels unsettled at home at the moment, I am sure he will adjust, but in the mean time, i am trying to minimise the disruption to his routine.
Tammy seems to be settling in a bit more, a night out on Friday seems to have helped. Sounds like she had a good time and got on fine with everyone, which is cool. I tend to do my own thing and worry a little that she's so isolated so as she starts to get to know people i think she will feel less out on a limb here.

Friday, December 2

blood sweat and tears are all that matters to the things that you do, in this garden!

whew, well my hands and boots are dotted with yellow paint fromt he site visits, in the pouring rain and hail this morning, but i have sent some outstanding mail, and got a key cut for Q69 this lunch time. Mark also picked up a little TV and DVD player for me for the bedroom, so last night we sat ont he bed and watched lethal weapon 3 while i wrapped pressies. It was bliss. The bedroom, is startign to feel like a real bedroom instead of a bedsit! Yay!!!
TOnite, i am going from work to the hogshead to introduce Tam to some of the gang, and Phil is coming to visit for the night, so Mark will stay home and wait for him. I shall only stay out for a couple.
I am soooo tired!!!!

Thursday, December 1

28, and life is good.

Your Birthdate: November 30

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.
You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.
And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.
Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March